A two-day interactive workshop where we explore the challenges of the work and engage in activities designed to enhance and deepen supervisory skills and practice. 

Topics include: 

  • Cultivating presence
  • Deep listening
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Diving into troubled waters
  • Transference, counter-transference and the parallel process
  • Challenges in groups
  • Supervising supervisors

The workshop will include opportunities for reflecting on the challenges of the work, reviewing difficult cases and exploring ways in which to continue own growth and development as supervisors.

Throughout the program, our aim is to deepen your practice as a Supervisor and extend and develop sound leadership skills.

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Day 1: 3rd March

Day 2: 4th March

Day 3: 31st March

Day 4: 1st April

Day 5: 5th May

Day 6: 6th May

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