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Super Vision for


Professional Development &
Endorsed Supervisor Training

Course Features

All of our courses come with the following benefits and materials.

What you get

Drawing on current research in both neuroscience and the field of supervision, this course will support you in developing supervisory skills that will enable you to supervise practitioners across a range of different modalities and presenting issues.

Endorsed Training:​

Completion of this six day program (and relevant assessments) will enable you to register as a recognised Supervisor with both PACFA and ACA.

Professional Development

We also offer “single day” professional development for existing supervisors, where you can choose your preferred topic and register for that day only.

PACFA and ACA endorsed

The Program

Drawing on the works of Michael Carroll, Hawkins & Shohet and Gilbert & Evans.

Drawing on the work of Hawkins and Shohet, Inskipp and Proctor, Michael Carroll and Joyce Scaife.

Drawing on the work of Bonnie Badenoch, Gilbert & Evans and Mearns & Thorne

Drawing on the works of Tim Desmond and P. Gilbert

Drawing on the latest literature regarding Group Facilitation and Supervision

Drawing on the work of Schuck & Wood and Pearson & Wilson

Jo Ablett and Cheryl Taylor

About Us

Jo and Cheryl began their study and practice of Supervision in 2006 when they completed a course in ‘Professional Supervision’ with the Clinical Counselling Centre. Since then, they have both undertaken a Certificate IV and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision and are both registered Supervisors with ACA, PACFA, AAOS and ACSA .

With this solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and supervisory experience across a range of modalities, Jo and Cheryl began offering Supervision and Professional Development for other Counsellors and Therapists, to support them in their journeys as Supervisors. Their goal was to create a safe space for Supervisors to reflect on and deepen their work.
Over time, as they developed and facilitated workshops attended by many wonderful practitioners and supervisors, they learned more deeply about the heart and soul of supervision. Based on this experience and learning, and their own development as Supervisors, they have now put together a complete Program ‘SVS Supervisor Training’ that encapsulates their transformative approach and has received endorsement from PACFA.

Great facilities


Join us at ‘Kindred Art Space’ in Frankston. Kindred Art Space is a welcoming environment that encourages reflection and creativity. With plenty of large group, small group and intimate spaces, the pleasing aesthetics and peaceful atmosphere of Kindred Art Space will support your reflection and learning.
Previous participants have commented on the ease and stress-free commute to Frankston, using Eastlink.

The Kindred Art Space
22 Kookaburra St, Frankston VIC
3199 Australia

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Day 1: 3rd March

Day 2: 4th March

Day 3: 31st March

Day 4: 1st April

Day 5: 5th May

Day 6: 6th May

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